Cleaning products for camper van, motor home and caravan

From acrylic glass cleaner to tent cleaner, here you will find a wide range of cleaning products for your camping vehicle and camping products. The cleaning of the vehicle and the water system should be done at least once a year.

Acrylic glass cleaner

With the acrylic glass cleaner you can clean the acrylic windows of motor homes and caravans

care and clean. You can remove small scratches and the windows will not get dull and cloudy so quickly.

Bathroom cleaner

The bathroom cleaner is intended for the plastic surfaces of motor homes and caravans. Thanks to it, the surfaces can be cleaned easily without the cleaning agent attacking and damaging seals and joints.

Rubber care spray

The rubber care spray protects the rubber seals of the toilet tank so that they do not become brittle.

Cassette tank cleaner

The waste-holding tank should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year with the cassette tank cleaner. This cleaner is specially designed for the plastic tanks of camping vehicles and does not attack the material.

Rain-strip Removal

The rain-stripe remover ensures that the black streaks and stripes on motorhomes and caravans can be removed.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

For the Kunststott toilets in motor homes and caravans, we recommend cleaning with the Toilet-Bowl Cleaner. This is gentler and not as aggressive as conventional cleaning agents.

Awning and sunblind cleaner

Awnings and awnings are best cleaned with an awning cleaner. This is specially designed for the fabric or material and ensures thorough cleaning.

Water tank cleaner

There are also special cleaning agents for water tanks. For example, the DextaClean from WM Aquatec. This cleans the water tank as well as the complete water system of the motor home and caravan. The cleaning should be done at least 1x per year. Ideally in autumn, so that the vehicle is cleanly wintered in.

Make sure that you use the appropriate cleaning products for your motorhome and caravan. Conventional household cleaners can often be too aggressive and damage surfaces, seals or joints. Some areas, such as the acrylic glass windows or toilet seals, require particularly careful care. Translated with (free version)